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Centre College offers two types of internships: Academic Credit Internships and Non-Credit Internships. We also offer several competitive funding programs for summer and CentreTerm internships.

Internship Resources

Internship Deadlines

  • CentreTerm and Spring 2013 Credit Internships: December 6
  • Summer 2013 Credit Internships: May 13
  • Fall 2013 Credit Internships: May 13

Academic credit internships

Academic credit internships require the supervision of a faculty member and an on-site supervisor. These internships require the combination of a substantive academic component along with a significant career-related component in order to serve as a bridge between the liberal arts education received at Centre and workplace expectations.

What is the Academic Component? In for-credit internships, the academic component must be an integral part of the work experience. It is designed by the faculty mentor in consultation with the student and, if possible, the employer. This component might include a paper, a journal, a portfolio, or written notes from a series of interviews. Readings, assigned by the faculty mentor and by the employer sponsor, are generally also required. The academic component must be specified in the internship contract.

A student may enroll in an academic credit internship in any term after the end of the sophomore year. If conducted in the fall term or the spring term, the internship is the equivalent of two days’ work per week. If conducted during CentreTerm, the internship is full-time for four full weeks and is not done while taking another course. To accomplish the required four weeks, the internship will need to either begin before the actual beginning of the term or, more likely, last a week after the term officially ends. Internships completed during the fall and spring terms may provide a more comprehensive exposure to the sponsoring organization, while an internship completed during CentreTerm may be more intensive and more closely resemble the eight hour a day work schedule.

How Do I Arrange an Internship?

The first step toward arranging an internship is identifying an internship site with help from Career Services, a faculty member, or using your own resources. We highly recommend that you complete a resume and have it critiqued before asking an organization for an internship with them. Resumes are the norm in the business world and potential sponsors will expect one. When considering an internship offer, remember that this is an educational experience. Some clerical work may be required in the position you will hold, but the major duties of the internship should be new to you and should stretch your knowledge and skills. An on-site supervisor should be identified as the internship manager at the employment site. Career Services should be notified once an internship site is finalized. You may do this by meeting with your career counselor, by calling 859-238-5283, or by sending an e-mail to:

What Do I Do After Arranging the Internship?

Once an internship is arranged, several things need to be done:
  • Arrange for a faculty sponsor for the internship. This person does not need to be your advisor but should be someone with a general understanding of the career field.
  • Discuss your goals and objectives for this internship with the faculty sponsor and, together, determine the academic component of the internship.
  • In order to receive credit for the internship, you must register for INT 400 for that academic term. (Note: internships are normally for three hours credit. If you wish to register for more than three hours, you must petition the Academic Standards Committee with appropriate support from the faculty mentor and Career Services. Also, internships are generally not carried over into the next term. If you wish to do a second internship at the same organization, the internship must be a substantially different experience with significantly different duties.)
  • Begin filling out an internship contract. (See deadlines at top of page.) Note: Failure to submit a fully completed contract to the Associate Dean by the deadline will automatically result in loss of credit for the internship.
  • Attend a required meeting prior to, or at the very beginning of, the internship. This meeting will provide an introduction to experiential education.

The First Week of the Term
First, the internship MUST be started during the first week of the term. (Note: if the internship is during the CentreTerm, it must last for four weeks. Therefore, it must either start before the term begins or last for a week after the end of the term. CentreTerm internships MUST begin by the first day of the term.) At the beginning of the term, students will attend a required group meeting with the other students enrolled in an internship. For CentreTerm, this meeting will take place at the end of the fall term.

Other Requirements for an Academic Credit Internship
  • A midterm class meeting is also REQUIRED. At this meeting, progress will be reviewed and work-place issues will be discussed. If the student has a full-time internship away from Danville, Career Services and the faculty sponsor will make other mid-term evaluation arrangements.
  • Your on-site supervisor will also be contacted to provide a mid-term evaluation. Interns and their on-site supervisor will each submit an end of term evaluation.
  • At the end of the term, the student will give a formal, fifteen-minute presentation. The faculty sponsor and other interns usually attend these presentations. If inviting others to attend, please inform Career Services to be sure that seating is available. If equipment is needed for the presentation, you must inform Career Services at least three days in advance.

Internship Policies

  • Internships are normally for three hours credit. If a student wishes to register for more than three hours, they must petition the Academic Standards Committee with appropriate support from the faculty mentor and Career Services.
  • Students must work on-site in blocks of at least four hours at a time. For a three-credit internship, a total of 12 hours per week in the fall and spring or 35-40 hours per week for four weeks during the CentreTerm is required.
  • The internship must be a new experience for the student (i.e., it cannot be a continuation of volunteer work or summer or part-time job).
  • Internships are generally not carried over into the next term. If a student wishes to do a second internship at the same organization, the internship must be a substantially different experience with significantly different duties.
  • The student cannot designate a family member as an on-site supervisor nor can the faculty mentor and employer sponsor be the same person.
  • The internship must be a semi-professional experience and not a typical summer or part-time job often performed by a college student (e.g., law firm runner, camp counselor, retail clerk).
  • Acceptable performance will allow a student to earn a credit designation for the appropriate number of academic credits. This “credit” designation does not count for or against the requirements for a major program or the pass/fail option. Students who do not perform at an acceptable level in either area will be assigned a no-credit designation. This will appear on the student's transcript.
  • Non-attendance for any of the required meetings (before the internship (for CentreTerm internships only), at the beginning of the internship, and the mid-term meeting), failure to complete the required internship hours, failure to participate in the on-line discussion group, or failure to do the presentation will result in a no-credit designation.
  • During the CentreTerm, students who are working full-time for their internships may receive a board reimbursement or reduction. No reduction is available for room. The Business Office will handle all reimbursement requests. During the long term, reduction to a 10-meal plan may be possible. The student must discuss the particular situation with the Business office.
  • **Note to students interning abroad: Please note that it is the student's responsibility to research and apply for the appropriate visas for the internship country.**

Non-credit internships

Non-credit internships do not require Centre credit and are usually arranged when an organization agrees to hire an intern only if the intern is officially recognized by Centre College. If this is the case, Centre College will officially recognize the experience as a non-credit internship. The student fills out an internship contract but does not have to do the additional academic component or end of term presentation. A completed contract will often satisfy an organization’s requirement of college recognition. A non-credit internship does NOT earn academic credit or go on the student’s transcript but may be listed on a resume. Though not a necessity, academic internships usually take place during the academic year, and non-credit internships usually occur during the summer. Students interested in an academic-credit internship during the summer must pay tuition (currently a newly-reduced fee of $350 for one credit hour). There is no fee for a non-credit internship.

Common Sponsors of Internships for Centre Students

Alltech Biotechnology, Inc.
American History Museum
Berkshire Theatre Festival
Center for Disease Control
Central Baptist Hospital
Cincinnati Zoo
Congressman Ben Chandler's Office
Congresswoman Anne Northup's Office
Danville Advocate-Messenger
Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center
Farmers National Bank
Fowler Securities and Benefits
Heartland Veterinary Hospital
Hilliard Lyons
Host Communications
Johns Hopkins University
Kentucky Educational Television (KET)
Kentucky Refugee Ministries
Kentucky Trust Company
Kentucky World Trade Center
Lexington Herald-Leader
LFUCG Police Department
Louisville Zoo
Perryville Battlefield Preservation Assoc.
Phoenix Physical Therapy
Powell Glass
Senator Jim Bunning's Office
State Farm Insurance
The Carter Center
The Idea Farm
UK Department of Plant Pathology
U.S. Department of State

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