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Graduate Schools
Use Peterson's and other sites to research and gather information on graduate schools in every possible field of study.

Professional Schools
Information specific to researching and successfully applying to: medical school, law school, business school (MBA), dental school and veterinary school.

Financial Aid
Information on a variety of options for financing graduate school.

Graduate Exams and Test Preparation
Links to graduate exams including the GRE, MCAT, LSAT, GMAT and to graduate exam test prep sites.

Links to scholarship programs available to help fund graduate study.

Graduate Study Abroad
List of colleges and universities by country.

Peterson's Study Abroad
Searchable database of programs and university profiles.
Locate study abroad programs in more than 100 countries.

Tips for researching and applying to grad school

Answer these questions. to determine if graduate school is right for you and if this is the best time for you to attend.
Research schools. Peterson’s is a wonderful resource as are the other links found on the Graduate Schools and Professional Schools pages.
Find out as much as you can about each school. Do this by emailing 1-2 professors at each school with whom you would potentially like to work, making sure that your interests align with the research interests of at least 2-3 faculty at that program; talking to current students and/or recent alumni of that program; talking to professors here at Centre about their associations with that school; and visiting the school.
Determine which graduate admissions exam (GRE, LSAT, etc) you need and register for that exam. Be sure to allow plenty of time to study beforehand. Some exams (like the GRE) have free study materials on their web site. See Graduate Exams & Test Preparation for more resources.
Make your application as strong as it possibly can be. (Click here for tips.) Ask professors or others early on to write letters of recommendation for you, and be sure to give them a copy of your resume and any other information they request. If feasible, contact your graduate program to ask if they have certain issues they like addressed or a certain format in which they prefer letters to be written. Write a strong personal statement and have numerous people (faculty, Career Services, parents, friends) review it for you. (Click here for samples.) There are also several good books on writing personal statements available for check-out in the Career Services library.

Remember, the process of deciding whether graduate school is right for you, researching schools, and putting together successful applications is one that should be taken very seriously and given a lot of effort. The resources above and below can be invaluable for helping you in this process. In addition, Centre provides numerous people to help you through this process including professors, pre-professional advisors, and your Career Services counselor.

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