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What is Centre Futures?

centrefutures Centre Futures is an exciting program, inaugurated in fall 2002, that helps you develop a step-by-step career plan. This program, designed and operated by Career Services, will help you begin to explore your career options and determine the best methods to "Seize Your Success!"

How Does It Benefit Me?

1) Assigned Career Counselors. From day one at Centre College, you will have an assigned career counselor. This person will work with you to help you identify your interests and skills, select a major, find internships, and - eventually - careers that fit your needs. Your career counselor will also help you define ways of gaining experiences relevant to your interests and career goals.
2) CentreWorks. You will automatically receive a CentreWorks account. CentreWorks is our on-line job posting system through which you will have access to part-time and summer vacancies, as well as internships, fellowships, and full-time post-graduation positions. This system also allows Career Services to send you advanced notice of upcoming events, providing you with the opportunity to register for programs before they are publicly announced.

3) Alumni. You will have access to Centre alumni. Your career counselor can help you locate and contact alumni who can be invaluable for networking purposes. These alumni can help you gain both specific career information and contacts for your future internships, job search, or graduate school applications.

4) Centre Futures Guide. At Extended Orientation, you will receive a flash drive full of career-related information with guides for what to use in each of your four years as a student. This is a great resource and a useful tool for keeping up with all of your career-related information.

5) Centre Career Insider. Get immediate access to our career blog. Subscribe through email or the RSS feed.

What Do I Have To Do?

No extra fees are required for Centre Futures. There are only two requirements for participation in the program:
1) Meet with your career counselor at least once per term
2) Follow through with your mutually agree upon career action plan

That is all that is necessary to help you clarify your career direction and determine the steps needed to "Seize Your Success!" If you have not signed up for Centre Futures and would like to do so, call Career Services at 859-238-5283 or e-mail Deb Jones (last names A-F), Mindy Wilson (last names G-M), or Joy Asher (last names N-Z).

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