Alternate Application for Admission

Centre is a member of the Common Application, an association of over 250 selective colleges and universities that allow students to use the same standard application form.

Due to difficulties associated with the rollout of a new version of the Common Application this year Centre is making an alternative application for admission available. If you are not applying to other colleges which accept the Common Application, or if you are concerned about missing an application deadline here at Centre, you may prefer to use Centre's Alternate Application link below.

The Alternate Application will be nearly identical to what you would have experienced with the Common Application; all required forms, questions, and instructions have been replicated for consistency across the two platforms.

If you encounter complications with the Alternate Application, or if you have any questions, please email You should receive a response within 24 hours.

Alternate Application (Online)

  • Alternate Application
    Begin or continue your Alternate Application online, free of charge. Unsure if you should complete the Alternate Application or the Common Application? Please see the FAQ below.

Additional Required Forms for Download

The following required forms are available in two PDF formats. Fillable forms are dynamic and can be completed electronically. Print forms are for applicants who wish to complete printed hard copies by hand. Completed forms can be faxed, emailed, or mailed to the Office of Admission via post.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I haven't started my application yet, which should I choose?

    There are pros and cons to each application. If you choose to complete a Common Application, you may run into complications and have to abandon the platform partway through the process. When the Common Application works, it offers the simplest and best application experience for applying to multiple schools in one fell swoop, including Centre. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that your experience will be without complication.

    Centre's Alternate Application provides an option without the threat of submission issues. It is not, however, as streamlined as the Common Application and will require your evaluators and school officials to complete PDF or hard copy versions of required forms.

  • I ran into problems with the Common Application, should I wait it out or go ahead and fill out Centre's Alternate Application instead?

    It depends on how anxious you're feeling (and how quickly your application deadline is approaching). The Common Application has not officially confirmed when the issues with their application will be resolved. Whether or not you choose to cut your losses and begin the Alternate Application is up to you. We simply want to make sure students interested in Centre have a safe and guaranteed opportunity to complete an application to Centre.

  • Can I import previously answered questions from the Common Application into Centre's Alternate Application?

    No, but feel free to make liberal use of your computer's copy and paste functionality. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V on your PC or Cmd+C, Cmd+V on your Mac.

  • Are deadlines and admission notification dates different for the Alternate Application?

    No. Regardless of which application you use, the Early Decision 1 and Early Action deadline remains December 1. The Early Decision 2 and Regular Decision deadline remains January 15.

  • If there's something wrong with the Common Application, why are additional required forms Common Application forms?

    The issues reported with the Common Application have to do with submission errors. The forms themselves are still useful and help maintatin consistency in your application process. We've simply made them available outside the Common Application's online platform to circumvent reported issues.

  • What's the best way to submit the additional required forms?

    The best way is whichever is most convenient for you, your counselor, and evaluators. Available methods include the following:

    • Fax: Printed forms may be faxed directly to the Office of Admission at (859) 238-5373.
    • Email: Scanned or electronic forms can be emailed to
    • Postal Mail: Printed forms can be mailed to:
      Centre College
      Office of Admission
      600 W. Walnut St.
      Danville, KY 40422

  • Do you have any advice for students who don't want to abandon their Common Application just yet?

    Of course. Please see our Common Application Troubleshooting guide.