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The Common Application released a new online application system in August, and the launch has not been without hitches (some of which have been documented in the press).

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Centre is a member of the Common Application, an association of over 250 selective colleges and universities that allow students to use the same standard application form.

Admission Plans

Centre offers four admission application plans to accommodate varying student needs. For a listing of deadline and notification dates, please see the timetable below.

  • Early Action: Students who apply by December 1, 2013 will be notified of admission decisions by mid-January 2014.
  • Regular Decision: Students who meet the regular decision deadline of January 15, 2014 will be notified of admission decisions by mid-March 2014.
  • Early Decision 1 and 2: Is Early Decision right for you? Students who believe Centre is their first-choice college and who are prepared to make an early commitment to Centre may apply Early Decision under either the December 1 deadline ("ED 1") or the January 15 deadline ("ED 2"). Under either deadline, Early Decision candidates pledge to enroll if they are admitted, provided they receive a financial aid award that makes attendance possible. ED 1 applicants will receive admission and scholarship decisions by early January 2014 and financial aid notification by late January. Admitted ED 1 students submit an enrollment deposit by February 1, 2013 and withdraw their applications to any other colleges. ED 2 applicants will receive admission and scholarship decisions by early February 2014 and financial aid notification by late February. Admitted ED 2 students must deposit and withdraw other applications by March 1, 2013.

Application Timetable

Application Plan Deadline Type Notification Date Deposit Deadline
Early Action December 1 Non-binding Mid-January May 1
Early Decision 1 December 1 Binding Early January February 1
Regular Decision January 15 Non-binding Mid-March May 1
Early Decision 2 January 15 Binding Early February March 1

Required Items

The following items must be postmarked or submitted electronically by the appropriate application deadline date (see Application Timetable above).

  • The School Report completed by your guidance counselor.
  • An official transcript of your high school academic record attached to the School Report.
  • A teacher evaluation completed by someone who has taught you in a college preparatory course in your junior or senior year.
  • Score reports of ACT or SAT-I tests may be sent from the respective testing services or included on a student's high school transcript. We use highest composite ACT score or highest combination of SAT-1 Critical Reading and Math scores. Students are encouraged to report all ACT and SAT-1 scores, knowing only the best composite scores will be used in the admission process.
  • Midyear Report of grades received in courses taken during the first semester of your senior year (for Regular Decision applicants only).
  • The ED Agreement is required of Early Decision applicants only. This binding contract indicates the applicant and his or her family understands the terms and conditions of their application plan.
  • Optional Items may include samples of work or an interview. An interview and campus visit is strongly encouraged. If you submit any creative samples you have done, please send only copies, slides or photographs of your work, as they will not be returned.

Is Early Decision Right for You?

At some point in their college search, many competitive high-school students consider applying to a college under an Early Decision (ED) plan. At Centre, applying Early Decision is recommended for students who, through careful reflection and research, have identified Centre College as more than just their first choice college—it's their ideal fit college. They simply couldn't see themselves happier anywhere else.

We want students who have determined that our personal approach to the liberal arts is what they want. We’re looking for students who are excited to prepare for lives of work and service in a global context; who thrive in a collaborative community that values intense academic challenge and support; who do more than seize opportunities, they create them.

If this is you, read on.

The Benefits to Applying Early Decision

  • Students who apply to Centre under Early Decision number in the hundreds instead of the thousands (as is the case with Early Action or Regular Decision). That means admissions staff has more time to really get to know you and to make certain that both you and Centre are right for each other.
  • You will learn early in your college planning if you have been admitted to Centre College, and how much it will cost you to attend.
  • Due to the smaller size of the Early Decision applicant pool, you will be evaluated based upon your own merits rather than in competition with and in comparison to other applicants.

The Myths About Early Decision

  • Students who apply Early Decision can “slack off” in their academic work during the second semester of their senior year. Selective colleges can and do withdraw admission offers from a student if his or her academic performance declines significantly.
  • Students diminish their chances of receiving academic scholarships on the theory that since they already are committed to a college, it will have less incentive to award them scholarships as an inducement to enroll. This is not true at Centre. A student who would have received an academic scholarship in the Early Action or Regular Decision processes will be awarded one in Early Decision.
  • Students who require need-based financial aid should not consider applying for Early Decision. At Centre, we are committed to providing students who apply Early Decision with the same amount of aid that they would receive if applying in Early Action or Regular Decision.

The Best Advice for Applying Early Decision at Centre (or Anywhere)

  • Do your homework and know why you are applying to a particular school, especially if you plan to apply ED.
  • Do not give in to pressure to apply ED to a school simply for the sake of applying ED.
  • Be honest with yourself: If you are not yet ready to commit, then do not apply ED to any school.
  • Do not apply ED as a strategy to “get in.”
  • If you are applying for need-based financial aid in ED or any application program, have a conversation about what your family can reasonably invest in your college education.