Office of Academic Affairs

What Faculty Liaisons Do

If you are interested in acting as a faculty liaison to one of our teams, please email or call Interim Associate Dean Beth Glazier-McDonald. While we cannot guarantee any individual his or her choice of teams, we can promise you that we will find a way for you to play a part in this program if you want to get involved. Please note that the role of faculty liaison is considered part of your service to the college community.

In general, we expect successful liaisons to have the following qualities:

• Be a fan. Show your support for our student athletes and their pursuit of excellence outside the classroom.

• Be willing to act in an advisory role both to our student-athletes and to our coaches. Our division III athletic programs provide outstanding opportunities for our students to compete at a very high level athletically and still remain focused on being serious students. The faculty liaison is in an excellent position to help our student athletes balance both of these important pursuits.

• Be an informed advocate for your team to the faculty and coaching staff. At Centre we are fortunate to have both a coaching staff and a faculty who place the well-being of our students at the very top of our list of priorities. The faculty liaisons to our athletic teams will help facilitate open and healthy discussions about how we can best serve our student athletes.

A few things that faculty liaisons will not do:

• You will not act as an assistant coach. Regardless of how much you believe that the wishbone offense or the flying vee formation should make a comeback, you will not be given a voice in determining strategy or reaching decisions.

• You will not be acting in a supervisory role over the coaching staff. You will have no line-item-veto power over scheduling issues or practice times.

• You will not have to drive the team bus or act as the water-person or equipment manager.

The coaching staff, athletics director, and the faculty who have served continue to be very enthusiastic about this program. If you would like to ‘join the team,’ let Interim Dean Glazier-McDonald know and she will connect you with a team and a coach. In addition, she will send you the “Guidelines for Athletics-Faculty Liaisons” as well as a list of things that really worked well for last year’s liaisons and helped make their relationship with their team a very successful one.

List of Faculty Liaisons To Athletic Teams